Our Story

"Whether they are softly and seamlessly executing a slow ballad or violently punishing their instruments with breakdowns in a hardcore song, these guys and gals never dissapoint in their live performances. Bonus points for well crafted songs and uniqueness." 

                                                                                                                                                  -Josh Schleining, Billings365.com

     In Rapture is a five piece instrumental metal band from Billings, MT; striving to capture ambient experimental, yet melodic sounds using the combination of synths, keyboards, guitars, bass, and drums on stage, and in the studio. The band members include Nate Yeager and Tony Morales on guitars, Zach Ostwalt on bass, J.R. Anderson on drums/percussion, and Samm Bauer on keys/synths and samples.

     The idea of In Rapture formed in 2013 when Nate Yeager decided to start a new project based off of a few demos that he had created. Yeager invited fellow friends in the music scene to start a live band from his first demos. Recruiting Zach Ostwalt, Samm Bauer, and Tony Morales, the group formed In Rapture and released their first ten song album "Of Memories and Nightmares" in 2014. Later that year, J.R. Anderson joins the band completing the six piece line up. The group continued playing local shows and writing new material over the next few months eventually leading to the conception of a second album "Oceans to Arsenic". After recording the demos at home, the quintuplet was offered the opportunity to record at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle. The album's tracking took place at RLS in the summer of 2015 and was released early 2016.

     In Rapture started recording for their self titled album in 2017, and released it May 11th of 2018.